Are you worried about Climate Change? Do you wish you could talk about it more with people in your life?

Are there members of your family, friends and colleagues who don’t “get it”? 

This 'gift book' can help.

A Gift For Conversation: Let’s Discuss Climate Change is an interactive gift book, designed to get people talking about Climate Change.

It explains Climate Change in simple, clear and emotive ways, complete with beautiful illustrations.

There are sections YOU write! Use the power of your own story – your most persuasive tool.

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About The Book


160 short pages with large print. Under 1-2 hour read, even for slow readers.

Easy to Read

Even for teenagers or non-native English speakers.


Beautiful, helpful illustrations. A picture paints a thousand words.


This is an interactive book. There are sections that you write! Tell your own powerful story.


Offers a positive vision for the future to work towards.


This book does not sugar-coat the crisis, or the urgency of the response we need.

Powerful & Effective

Makes Climate Change relevant to the readers’ life, informed by research.

Who can say no to a gift?

Use the power of a personalised gift to reach others.

Extract from “Chapter 5: What’s going to happen?” introducing feedback loops.

What's in the book?

The book is split into 6 chapters, with a final summary. Also, peppered throughout are links to find out more, along with inspiring stories of people taking meaningful action.

Chapter 1: All you need to know
This chapter introduces the basic concepts of Climate Change: How it happens, what’s caused it, how sure are we, and how bad will it be.

Chapter 2: Troubleshooting
Defusing common objections to action on climate change such as “We have more important things to worry about” or “China’s emissions is the real issue here”.

Chapter 3: What’s happened
A brief history of how we got here – where did the Climate movement go wrong before? And how much did Fossil Fuel companies know about Climate Change over the last few decades, and what did they do with that knowledge? (Spoiler: they did their best to mislead the world, and succeeded).

Chapter 4: What’s going on
Where are we now with Climate Change, and the ecological crisis happening alongside it? What’s happening, and what’s being done about it?

Chapter 5: What’s going to happen?
This is the painful but vital chapter that shows where we’re headed. Inspired by the horrifying power of Our Final Warning: Six Degrees of Climate Emergency by Mark Lynas, this chapter summarises the published scientific research into what the world will be like at 1.5°C and 2°C of warming since 1800s, and then on into the spiralling terror of 3, 4 and 5°C. Tipping points and feedback loops (extract opposite) are also introduced.

But there’s a unique twist to how the book discusses time, instead of using impossible to imagine dates like 2050 and 2100 which put the problem of Climate Change firmly in the ‘future problems for future people’ category. The reader is invited to imagine the fate of a child, grandchild, niece or nephew born in 2020, named “Ash”. Future scenarios examine life “in Ash’s 30s”, rather than “in 2050”.

Chapter 6: What do I do about it?

“From this moment, despair ends, and tactics begin.”

This chapter explores what meaningful routes for action are available, including activism, influencing our workplaces and taking a shot at rewilding. “Lifestyle Changes” such as giving up meat and cycling are put into context – important, ethically necessary, but inadequate as our only response.

On the extract opposite you can see one of the ‘interactive’ sections of the book that you write, before giving the book away.

Summary & A Pledge to act
After a final summary comes the moment of truth – both the giver (you) and the receiver of the book are offered a ‘pledge’ to fill out and sign, promising to act on Climate Change in whatever way you can. Hopefully this moment will offer a turning point: a moment where together, you can say “we will try to make a difference”.

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One of the sections the giver of the book (you!) writes: What are you trying to counter climate change? Talking about your struggles and difficulties can be very powerful.

This project relies on word of mouth & social media to reach people who see the Climate Emergency.


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About the Author

Dr Louis Keal is a physicist, and professional scientific communicator. In early 2021, he left his job in marketing and education in the scientific camera industry to pursue activism and voluntary work on Climate Change action full time – starting with writing this book!

Louis’s other works include a vast 2.5m by 1.5m ‘portable climate science museum’. This took the form of a canvas poster for events and protests to explain the facts of Climate Change to the public. To date, over 80 of these have been produced by climate activism and outreach groups in multiple countries. 

How to get in touch:
Twitter: Louis: @DrLouis_K Project: @Lets_Discuss_CC