Book givers! This is for you!

This book contains multiple sections for you to write:

  1. Page 54: Why you care about Climate Change
  2. Page 84: What ideal future do you want to see
  3. Page 129: What are you trying to do about it
  4. Page 144: The pledge to act

If you’re giving this book away to others, especially if you have multiple copies in which you’d like to share the same stories, you might want to write them digitally and print them.

Below you can find A4 templates for these pages, in PDF Form, Microsoft Word, and OpenOffice formats. Then at the bottom of the page are instructions for using them.

129 - What is ____ trying to do about it

PDF Form Template

This is an editable PDF template which can be opened & edited in many common PDF software packages, such as Adobe, Foxit, and Google Chrome’s in-built PDF viewer.

Microsoft Word Template

A Microsoft Word file with editable text. 

OpenOffice Template

A template for the free, open source OpenOffice software.

How to use the templates

That’s it! If you have any questions or problems, please contact me at